uhidev(4) update - USB HID driver level for devices with multiple report ids

Vladimir Grebenschikov vova at fbsd.ru
Fri Jul 20 11:41:59 UTC 2007

В вт, 17/07/2007 в 23:05 +0100, Mark Hobden пишет:
> I have updated the uhidev(4) patch from NetBSD to apply to today's 7-CURRENT.
>  http://www.terinea.co.uk/~mark/patches/uhidev-7-current-p2.diff
> The following patch is also required for Microsoft wireless keyboard/mice sets
> and Microsoft wireless notebook mice (but the uhidev patch to be applied first).
>  http://www.terinea.co.uk/~mark/patches/uhidev-add-ms-p2.diff

Tries your patch under 7-CURRENT, 

Both USB keyboard and USB mouse (MS) was not attached after boot, but
detected successful. Most probably due to not fixed default entry in
attach 100 {
        device-name "ums[0-9]+";
        action "/etc/rc.d/moused start $device-name";
# When a USB keyboard arrives, attach it as the console keyboard.
attach 100 {
        device-name "ukbd0";
        action "/etc/rc.d/syscons setkeyboard /dev/ukbd0";
detach 100 {
        device-name "ukbd0";
        action "/etc/rc.d/syscons setkeyboard /dev/kbd0";
# usbdevs -v 
 port 6 addr 2: high speed, self powered, config 1, product 0x4486(0x4486), vendor 0x04b3(0x04b3), rev 0.01
  port 1 powered
  port 2 powered
  port 3 powered
  port 4 powered
  port 5 addr 3: low speed, power 100 mA, config 1, USB KMp(0x6782), BTC(0x046e), rev 1.00
  port 6 powered
  port 7 addr 4: low speed, power 100 mA, config 1, Microsoft 5-Button Mouse with IntelliEye(TM)(0x0047), Microsoft(0x045e), rev 3.00
 port 7 powered
 port 8 powered

part of dmesg:
uhub5: 7 ports with 7 removable, self powered
uhidev0: <BTC USB KMp, class 0/0, rev 1.00/1.00, addr 3> on uhub5
uhid0 on uhidev0
uhid0: input=8, output=1, feature=0
uhidev1: <BTC USB KMp, class 0/0, rev 1.00/1.00, addr 3> on uhub5
uhid1 on uhidev1
uhid1: input=3, output=0, feature=0
uhidev2: <Microsoft Microsoft 5-Button Mouse with IntelliEye(TM), class 0/0, rev 1.10/3.00, addr 4> on uhub5
uhid2 on uhidev2

I just think may be it fix problem with bluetooth wireless MS mouse, see

But not, it does not fix it.

Vladimir B. Grebenschikov
vova at fbsd.ru

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