Huawei E220 3G devices

Sonor sonorchang at
Mon Jul 16 10:26:00 UTC 2007

Hi, Joao

Sorry , I don't know why I can't reply message to the  freebsd-usb forum.
If you could help me post this on the forum ,I will be very appreciation.

I have saw your comments about Huawei E220 on freebsd-usb.
I have some problem using Huawei E220 on NETBSD.
This is Jes mention before

DEVICE addr 2
> DEVICE descriptor:
> bLength=18 bDescriptorType=device(1) bcdUSB=1.10 bDeviceClass=0
> bDeviceSubClass=0 bDeviceProtocol=0 bMaxPacketSize=64 idVendor=0x12d1
> idProduct=0x1003 bcdDevice=0 iManufacturer=1(\u0c05¤)
> iProduct=2(\u0c05¤) iSerialNumber=0() bNumConfigurations=1
> CONFIGURATION descriptor 0:
> bLength=9 bDescriptorType=config(2) wTotalLength=32 bNumInterface=1
> bConfigurationValue=1 iConfiguration=0() bmAttributes=a0 bMaxPower=500
> mA

> INTERFACE descriptor 0:
> bLength=9 bDescriptorType=interface(4) bInterfaceNumber=0
> bAlternateSetting=0 bNumEndpoints=2 bInterfaceClass=8
> bInterfaceSubClass=6 bInterfaceProtocol=80 iInterface=0()
> ENDPOINT descriptor:
> bLength=7 bDescriptorType=endpoint(5) bEndpointAddress=3-in
> bmAttributes=bulk wMaxPacketSize=64 bInterval=0
> ENDPOINT descriptor:
> bLength=7 bDescriptorType=endpoint(5) bEndpointAddress=4-out
> bmAttributes=bulk wMaxPacketSize=64 bInterval=0

Huawei E220 is a muti-funtion device which should have three interfaces ,
( I get it in MS windows)

Configuration Descriptor:
wTotalLength:       0x0055
bNumInterfaces:       0x03
bConfigurationValue:  0x01
iConfiguration:       0x00
bmAttributes:         0xA0 (Bus Powered Remote Wakeup)
MaxPower:             0xFA (500 Ma)

1.First strange thing is that I just got one interface like Jes's 'dmesg' (red part)
2.Second is I always got the interface (bInterfaceClass=8  bInterfaceSubClass=6 ) 
    and then appear the warnning message "Could not find interrupt in"

Do you have any comment or suggestion !?

Thanks & Best Regards,

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