[Bug 254610] [tcp] tcp_bbr broken after 69a34e8d0235c0304a28bf8ab076b931aa61835f

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Tue Mar 30 19:38:24 UTC 2021


--- Comment #3 from Michael Tuexen <tuexen at freebsd.org> ---
Channeling rrs: what is the kernel config you are using?

I also tried to reproduce it on an arm64 system with:
tuexen at parallels:~ % cat /boot/loader.conf
tuexen at parallels:~ % cat /etc/sysctl.conf 
# $FreeBSD$
#  This file is read when going to multi-user and its contents piped thru
#  ``sysctl'' to adjust kernel values.  ``man 5 sysctl.conf'' for details.

# Uncomment this to prevent users from seeing information about processes that
# are being run under another UID.

I can ssh in that VM.

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