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Bjoern, all,

Yes, MPTCP is in the 3GPP standards. It's part of Release 16 and is the protocol chosen to implement what they call ATSSS (Access Traffic Steering, Switching and Splitting). It's used in a proxy mode, using in addition to (Note, a bis version of the RFC is about to be published). 

It would be fantastic to get a freebsd implementation, in addition to the Linux implementation of MPTCP (and the commercial implementations, such as Apple).

Nigel Williams worked on a freebsd version - this was quite a few years ago. I believe it stopped when he moved onto other work. His code is available - I can't remember how much of the protocol he implemented or whether the protocol evolved afterwards.  Not sure if I have a valid email for Nigel, Grenville may know the state of the code. 

Incidentally, the Linux implementers have been working with the kernel people to get mptcp included in the mainline. I know this has taken a lot of work (re-factoring code etc) but the end is in sight. I'm sure they can advise on some of the lessons learnt. Christoph, Gregory & Fabien are the current linux implementers  

Best wishes,
Philip Eardley (joint Chair of IETF's MPTCP working group)

Ps Thanks to Richard S for the alert. 
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stirred up by an article about MPTCP making it into L, I learnt that MPTCP seems to be part of the 5G standards?

Does this mean that we should really grow the support as well after all the years?

I don’t know what happened to the past work [ ].

Can someone post a summary?

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