Re: QUIC – Will it Replace TCP/IP?

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Wed Apr 29 13:16:24 UTC 2020

> =On 29. Apr 2020, at 14:31, Jeremy Harris <jgh at> wrote:
> On 29/04/2020 13:13, Randall Stewart via freebsd-transport wrote:
>> I would love to know of some feature in QUIC that makes it a 
>> undisputed gain that cannot be done in TCP and that would sell it
>> to me .. but I just don’t know what that is..
> DOQ (DNS-over-QUIC) :-
> - Encryption -> privacy
Privacy between the Host issuing the DNS request and the party operating
the DNS server. For example, in my case the DNS server is operated by the
ISP I'm using. So my ISP knows what I'm requesting anyway.
If I would like to use another DNS server and I would like to make sure my
ISP can't read it, I can use DNS over DTLS over UDP.
> - No HOL-blocking for multiple concurrent requests
Same for DNS over DTLS over UDP.
> - congestion-control shared-fate for ditto
These are the use cases where is should use DNS over TCP today.
I could use DNS over TLS over TCP. The only drawback would be HOL.

Is this an issue now? We discussed DNS (over DTLS) over SCTP in the
past using unordered data, which would mean you have congestion control,
no head of line blocking and could get privacy by using DTLS. You get
through NATs, you could use SCTP over UDP. However, the only benefit
of this solution was also no HOL and CC. But it was not attractive.
So has the usage of DNS changed?

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