tcpcb cleanup?

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I believe the alignment of some pointers is also off, further shifting the data...

I started some work in D21117 around this - reducing the size of this t_rttupdated in tcpcb down from ulong to uint8_t, as it really only needs to track the initial few rounds, and then stay fixed at the UCHAR_MAX.

Also, I made other types, particularly pure counters, uint32_t (from int), giving them more range.

It seems that some variables, that are only (currently) used in the NF RACK stack, have "leaked" out already 😊 (t_maxunacktime is referenced to, but apparently never set, in the upstreamed RACK stack).

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Richard Scheffenegger

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As I said in comments to your removal of the sack field, they have drifted since my first work.

I am not too concerned since the first 3 cache lines are the most used and most important.

I do intend to do a re-analysis once I get BBR and the latest Rack in to see if we could improve things.. though it is doubtful that we will gain much (but you never know) ;)


> On Jul 29, 2019, at 11:13 PM, Scheffenegger, Richard <Richard.Scheffenegger at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been looking into the cache line alignment today (because D18811).
> Found that the commented cache lines only align to line 3 - then they drift from the comments.
> For example, t_rttupdated is defined as u_long (8 bytes), while it really only tracks if at least some (small) number of rtt samples were collected, to start the  use of the rtt vars...
> Realistically, a uint8_t with a limited increment (if (x<255) x++) would serve the very same function...
> Other example: t_sndzerowin (in tcpcb) appears to be only a counter, better placed into the tcpstat structure, where non-functional counters belong IMHO. (perhaps a per-session variant).
> And the other variables could probably be defined in the explicit types (uint16/32/64), to be more certain of the alignment - plus making sure that alignment boundaries between different sized types don't result in unintentional shifting of the alignment (like it seems currently to be the case).
> Another prime example: struct sackhint is 40 bytes, only 24 of these are actually used; and ideally, sackblks, snd_fack share the same line, while sackhint and snd_holes would do the same (currently, both are distributed across 2)        ....
> Any appetite to get the (higher) cache lines aligned in tcpcb?
> Best regards,
>   Richard
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