Scheffenegger, Richard Richard.Scheffenegger at netapp.com
Thu Nov 22 10:20:28 UTC 2018


Eric recently added a patch to Linux 4.18, to deliberately do SACK compression (withholding of dup-acks, to streamline the TCP processing on the receiver side).


However, that mechanism assumes that RFC6675 - at least the condition when to transition into SACK Loss Recovery (based on FACK >= 2*MSS+1 byte over snd_una, rather than 3x dup ack) is implemented...

I suspect, that as the Rescue Retransmission logic is missing (also in RFC6675), the LR trigger condition is also not implemented...

Does anyone know if there exists a patch to have (full) RFC6675 compliance in the tcp stack?

Best regards,

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