Remove (struct tcpcb) from the API?

Jonathan Looney jonlooney at
Thu Oct 6 19:05:15 UTC 2016


Currently, the (struct tcpcb) is part of the kernel API. This means that we
can only mess with the "spare" fields when we MFC things.

Currently, things in userland *should* only be using the
'net.inet.tcp.pcblist' to extract the (stuct tcpcb) list from the kernel.
We *should* be able to switch that sysctl so it only copies out the portion
of the (struct tcpcb) that is actually needed by userspace. The trick is
coming up with that list of fields, and then dealing with the fallout when
userspace things not from the base package break.

Does anyone have an idea of whether things in the ports tree use this and
will break? And, does anyone have strong feelings one way or the other?


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