TCP-AO (RFC 5925) Support

Jonathan T. Looney jtl at
Wed Mar 16 15:53:43 UTC 2016

Hi Folks,

Juniper is interested in working on TCP-AO (RFC 5925) Support in the
FreeBSD head. Juniper's tentative timeframe is to have something ready to
commit by the end of 2016.

Three questions for the community:

A) Is anyone else working on this already?

B) Is anyone interested in working with Juniper to spec out the interfaces
or to test this?

C) What should happen to the TCP_SIGNATURE option? Is it used, such that
we should maintain support for it? Or, do we simply remove it? (By
default, I would keep the functionality. However, I imagine we might end
up reimplementing some of it as part of adding TCP-AO. The question is
whether it is worth the effort to do that to retain the support. If no one
has strong feelings, I suspect we'll keep the TCP_SIGNATURE functionality
for at least a few releases.)


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