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Wed Oct 21 23:22:12 UTC 2015

On 10/07/15 at 10:26P, hiren panchasara wrote:
> Randall and I have been poking at different ways to improve FreeBSD
> tcp's reaction to loss. One of the major issue we found is that we do
> not use information provided by SACK efficiently even though we do keep
> the SACK scoreboard well in shape. Knowing amount of data in flight can
> be really crucial and can help us use available capacity of the path
> more efficiently. We currently do not have an accurate way of knowing
> this information.
> For example, inside tcp_do_segment(), while processing duplicate acks,
> we try to compute amount of data inflight with:
> awnd = (tp->snd_nxt - tp->snd_fack) +
> 	tp->sackhint.sack_bytes_rexmit;
> Which is incorrect as it doesn't take into account whats been already
> sacked by the receiver.
> There are definitely other places in the stack where we do this
> incorrectly.
> RFC 6675 provides guidance on how to implement calculations for
> bytes in flight at any point in time. Randall and I came to a conclusion
> that following can provide us inflight information almost(!) accurately
> with least amount of code changes:
> pipe = snd_max - snd_una - sackhint.sacked_bytes + sackhint.sack_bytes_rexmit;
> here,
> snd_max: highest sequence number sent
> snd_una: lowest sequence number sent but not yet cumulatively acked
> sacked_bytes: total bytes sacked by receiver reported via SACK holes
> sack_bytes_rexmit: total bytes retransmitted from holes in this recovery
> period
> Only missing piece in FreeBSD is sackd_bytes. This is basically total
> bytes sacked by the receiver and it can be extracted from SACK holes
> reported by the receiver. The approach we've decided to take is pretty
> simple: we already process each ACK with sack holes in 
> tcp_sack_doack() and extract sack blocks out of it. We'd now also track
> this new variable there which keeps track of total sacked bytes
> reported.
> The downside with this approach is:
> There is no persistent information about sacked bytes. We recalculate
> it every time we get an ACK with sack holes in it. So if, for any
> reason, receiver decides to drop sack info than we get incorrect
> value for inflight. This may be also true when there are more holes but
> receiver can only report 3 at a time.
> I have actual code that I've been testing and if people see no major problem
> with this approach, I can put it up for review in phabricator.

Well, I didn't receive any replies so here it is:

Please take a look at that.

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