Help me understand this SACK code in tcp_output()

hiren panchasara hiren at
Wed Oct 21 01:32:02 UTC 2015

tcp_output() starts out with following two vars set to zero:

sack_rxmit = 0;
sack_bytes_rxmt = 0;

And if we are in recovery and trying to send from holes, i.e.
if ((tp->t_flags & TF_SACK_PERMIT) && IN_FASTRECOVERY(tp->t_flags) &&
    (p = tcp_sack_output(tp, &sack_bytes_rxmt))) {

And if we end up with if (len > 0), we set sack_rxmit = 1;

A little below is following code which I do not understand:

/* If sack_rxmit is true we are retransmitting from the scoreboard
 * in which case len is already set.
  if (sack_rxmit == 0) {
	if (sack_bytes_rxmt == 0)
	else {



What I do not understand is how can we get into the 'else' part.

sack_rxmit: when TRUE, we are retransmitting from the scoreboard
sack_bytes_rxmt: number of retransmitted bytes from the scoreboard.

Now, if sack_rxmit is false, how can sack_bytes_rxmt be > 0?

OR is there something I am missing in the code OR how SACK works?

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