TCP rfc compliance

hiren panchasara hiren at
Fri Oct 9 15:35:20 UTC 2015

On 10/09/15 at 10:32P, George Neville-Neil wrote:
> Thanks for the formatting, it's quite nice.
> Hiren, before I dig into these, and its quite a list, are all of these 
> RFCs listed RFCs that we want to support
> or are they just a list of RFCs that relate to TCP?  If its that latter 
> we'll need another column (WANT) for those
> that are as yet unsupported or unknown.
It's just a list of all possible TCP related RFCs Eitan could find
through some script. I still find some missing and keep adding
them to the list.

My intention was more for just the informational purpose as what is
supported and what is not.

I see that you also want this to reflect whats needed for FreeBSD and we
can point interested people to point to it.
You can add a "Want" column and if it's checked, its
something we want in near future (or something like that).

> I will eventually add a TEST 
> column to point to somewhere
> that we keep a canonical test, once we have some :-)
Sounds good :-)

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