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Tue Feb 2 12:29:33 UTC 2010


   I hope all is well! I would like to talk to the person who h   the ordering for promotional products.
   Can you ple

   I will be going to a trade show this month to meet with new    suppliers and factories for promotional products.
   Please let me know what   source new ideas for you and bring   ;            &nb   you.

   Whether you are looking for pens, bags, totes, gifts, trades   giveaways, drink ware, Eco items, watches
   or awards WLC PROMOTIONS c
   If you are interested in any of our catalog(s)    contact us for more detailed information.

   Budget Products
   Corporate Products
   Green Products
   T   School Products
   Pen Products
   Mug Products
   Hol   Calendars Products

   We currently have a closeout on items listed below, plea   know if you would like
   more information on samples and pricing

   Joseph Taylor

   Browse By Product Category

   [1]3DBAGS     [2]BAGS


   <   [9]3D"DATA DATA BANKS


   [17]KEY TAGS




   <   [28]3D"WRITING 
   WLC PROMOTIONS<   [DEL: 1012 West Beverly Blvd. Unit 990 :DEL]       562.215.4843 Phone
   206.350.5967 Fax

   We make every effort to send our email mes   individuals interested in buying promotional products   message has reach you in error, we apologize and ask that you repl   with REMOVE in the subject.  Thank you!


   1. 3D"http://www.swedau=/
   2. 3D"   3. 3D"http://www.swedau=/
   4. 3D"   5. 3D"http://www.swedau=/
   6. 3D"   7. 3D"http://www.swedau=/
   8. 3D"   9. 3D"http://www.swedau=/
  10. 3D"http://www.swedau=/
  11. 3D"  12. 3D"http://www.swedau=/
  13. 3D"  14. 3D"http://www.swedau=/
  15. 3D"  16. 3D"http://www.swedau=/
  17. 3D"  18. 3D"http://www.swedau=/
  19. 3D"  20. 3D"http://www.swedau=/
  21. 3D"  22. 3D"http://www.swedau=/
  23. 3D"  24. 3D"http://www.swedau=/
  25. 3D"  26. 3D"http://www.swedau=/
  27. 3D"  28. 3D"http://www.swedau=/
  29. 3D"

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