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Matthew Jacob lydianconcepts at
Wed Apr 26 06:04:33 UTC 2006

I finally got this working correctly. What I found I had to do was to
create a 'tinderbox' user and group and run as that user. Interesting,
considering I don't need to do that in doing a buildworld, but I guess
I have something in my environment that poisons tinderbox builds if I
run as me.

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"Matthew Jacob" <lydianconcepts at> writes:
> I run a shell script like so:
> [...]

why don't you just use tbmaster?

> #!/bin/sh
> . ${HOME}/.path_set_sh
> for arch in sparc64 amd64 i386
> do
>  mkdir -p /usr/ports/temp/${arch}
>  nice tinderbox -a ${arch} -s /usr/ports/temp/${arch} -l
> /usr/ports/temp/${arch}.log clean update world generic lint
>  if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then echo '******' $arch  failed Tinderbox; fi
> done

You need to set the target machine as well, see below

> ===> lib/libipx (depend,all,install)
> rm -f .depend
> mkdep -f .depend -a
> /usr/ports/temp/amd64/HEAD/amd64/i386/src/lib/libipx/ipx_addr.c

> ===> lib/libipx (depend,all,install)
> rm -f .depend
> mkdep -f .depend -a
> /usr/ports/temp/sparc64/HEAD/sparc64/i386/src/lib/libipx/ipx_addr.c

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