[Bug 254290] pthread_setname_np at FBSD_1.6 symbol missing on 12.2 after upgrades (+ a workaround)

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Sun Mar 14 22:35:44 UTC 2021


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--- Comment #1 from Felix Palmen <felix at palmen-it.de> ---
I don't think this is related to threading, but maybe to freebsd-update.

As I've seen incarnations of that very problem multiple times on the forums
now, I decided to investigate a bit: Installed a bhyve VM with 12.1-RELEASE,
checked symbol is indeed not present in that version, and brought it to
12.2-RELEASE-p4 with freebsd-update. This works as expected, after the
procedure, the symbol is there.

So it just leaves me guessing. Maybe this situation is a consequence of user
error, like forgetting the second `freebsd-update install` when upgrading to
12.2 and subsequent `freebsd-update fetch` might drop something? Or it only
happened when upgrading from a specific 12.1 patchlevel to an earlier
patchlevel of 12.2? Unfortunately, I see no way how to try to reproduce this…

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