Sponsorship Opportunities on freebsd.org

Alyssa alyssa at buywebtrafficexperts.com
Thu Sep 10 12:16:22 UTC 2020

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I’m Alyssa, PR manager of Buywebtrafficexperts.com I'm looking to
see if there are sponsorship opportunities on your website

I noticed you link out to one of our colleagues, html.com

We’d be specifically interested in obtaining a similar link or
sponsorship, in order to increase our brand awareness and of course to
optimise our number of backlinks.

We have a few websites we own, we would be open to making a multi-site
link deal if you're open to this.

Let me know what your options are and I'll get back to you.


Kind Regards,

Marketing Manager
Buywebtrafficexperts.com [http://Buywebtrafficexperts.com]

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