Removing the pid 1 code

Jilles Tjoelker jilles at
Sun Mar 20 15:26:58 UTC 2016

On Sat, Mar 19, 2016 at 10:08:26PM +0200, Konstantin Belousov wrote:
> We have very special code executed during the libthr initialisation,
> which attempts to set up session and controlling terminal when running
> as pid 1. I do not see why do we need this, e.g. why behaviour of
> a program must be different due to the presence of libthr and running as
> pid 1.  The code is there from 1998' libc_r.

> Please either provide arguments why should we do that, or agree with
> the following change.  I decided to pre-resolve getpid() just in case,
> as it is done by the current code, but even this is probably not neccessary.

I agree this should be removed. It might cause /rescue/init to behave
strangely, for example.

This change might break rare applications, so mentioning it in the
release notes is wise. The applications will be easy to fix.

Jilles Tjoelker

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