[Bug 204426] Processes terminating cannot access memory

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Fri Jan 29 19:15:29 UTC 2016


--- Comment #17 from rblayzor at inoc.net ---
I'm not claiming that the bug here that I've reported does not exist in 10.0 or
10.1, I'm just saying that we've seen this bug during our entire release cycle
of 10.1. (which was almost a good year).

We only started noticing this issue with process seg faults after updating to
10.2. We were running the same versions of Dovecot and Exim on 10.1 when we
started noticing it in 10.2. That's when we force rebuilt all of the binaries
under 10.2 to no avail.

Dovecot and Exim are NOT the only processes that we've seen core out, they are
just the processes we see the most often. I've seen cron do it, ntpd and some
other port binaries. I remember looking at their core files and seeing the same
"cannot access memory" errors in the backtrace. It was only then I started
paying attention more and have been gathering more and more debug information
on this strange issue.

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