[Bug 204426] Processes terminating cannot access memory

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Tue Jan 26 18:52:00 UTC 2016


--- Comment #11 from rblayzor at inoc.net ---
Since we're using a FreeBSD diskless boot and NFS_ROOT I normally buildworld
(and kernel) from sources and install in a new NFS_ROOT path, then boot the
diskless servers with the new root path.

Before booting however, I will also force rebuild (portupgrade -af) everything
against the new version of FreeBSD (kernel/userland, libs, etc). So the
binaries that are crashing *are* being rebuilt under FreeBSD 10.2.

We never experienced this in 10.1 and in fact, we even rolled back and booted
one of the diskless servers using an old NFS_ROOT path with 10.1 (same versions
of Exim and Dovecot) and those have not crashed. Usually I will experience
these types of seg faults on every VM server at least once a week. (currently
these servers are lightly loaded because of this issue).

Normally I would have no problem believing this is an application but since it
does not appear to happen on 10.1 and only on 10.2, coupled with the fact I'm
seeing similar crashes on two different applications that were otherwise
running fine is very suspect. 

The applications are compiled with debugging symbols, but the crash always
happens in a system library. I've contacted both Dovecot and Exim teams on
these crashes and both agreed that it seemed to be some type of system library

I'm not ruling out that it may be something with our install, but it's fairly
straight forward FreeBSD diskless install. Running out of places to look.

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