[Bug 200992] proccess won't die in thread_suspend_switch

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Tue Dec 8 09:46:22 UTC 2015


--- Comment #24 from johans <johan at 300.nl> ---
I'm suspecting that the patch (patch 1) attached here doesn't fully fix the
problem, but only greatly reduces when it happens. I've encountered two issues
since yesterday on different machines:

(1) This one is pretty straightforward related: I've had one puppet process get
stuck in STOP state, unfortunately my colleague didn't to a procstat to see the
exact trace but rather rebooted the machine.

(2) This one I'm unsure: I'm now debugging a hang in unmount which traces to a
wait in zfs: dp->dp_spaceavail_cv

Running dtrace on txg group syncing shows that there is no dirty data left, or
at least that it's below the max.
2015 Dec  8 10:39:21 :    0KB of    8MB used
2015 Dec  8 10:39:26 :    0KB of    8MB used
2015 Dec  8 10:39:31 :    0KB of    8MB used

Wake-up should be done by 'dsl_pool_dirty_delta':

    if (dp->dp_dirty_total <= zfs_dirty_data_max)

This condition has been clearly met. Having this bug in the back of my head it
seemed this might be related.

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