Paper cup,Drinking straws, fork, Knife and Other cutlery Supply shared an album with you.

Paper cup, Drinking straws, fork, Knife and Other cutlery Supply 4 at
Sun Sep 8 01:01:23 UTC 2013

Dear Manager:

We are a company focused on food package. and What we do is Just Helping  
you to save your cost.

Now we can supply :

1. Single wall paper cup. Double PE .Hot Paper cups. Double Wall paper  
cups. Cold Drinking cups, Ripple Wall cups.  Paper box.
  2. Drinking straws , Flexible straws. Straight straws.
3. Plastic cups. PET cold cups
4. Plastic spoon. fork, Knife and Other cutlery.

We know that buiness  include: Quality. Price. Delivery time. Payment  
Terms. And Service.

We welcome you to do customized cups and any enquiries. samples for free.

Best Regards


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