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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o threa/184073 threads    wrong signal delivery to multithreaded processes in Pe
o threa/180652 threads    [patch] compat32 problem in clock_getcpuclockid2
o threa/180496 threads    clock_gettime() does not return CPU-time for zombie pr
o threa/168417 threads    pthread_getcpuclockid() does not work to specification
o threa/163512 threads    libc defaults to single threaded
o threa/160708 threads    possible security problem with RLIMIT_VMEM
o threa/150959 threads    [libc] Stub pthread_once in libc should call _libc_onc
o threa/148515 threads    Memory / syslog strangeness in FreeBSD 8.x ( possible 
o threa/141721 threads    rtprio(1): (id|rt)prio priority resets when new thread
o threa/135673 threads    databases/mysql50-server - MySQL query lock-ups on 7.2
o threa/128922 threads    threads hang with xorg running
o threa/122923 threads    'nice' does not prevent background process from steali
o threa/121336 threads    lang/neko threading ok on UP, broken on SMP (FreeBSD 7
o threa/116668 threads    can no longer use jdk15 with libthr on -stable SMP
o threa/115211 threads    pthread_atfork misbehaves in initial thread
o threa/110306 threads    apache 2.0 segmentation violation when calling gethost
o threa/103975 threads    Implicit loading/unloading of may crash 
o threa/80992  threads    abort() sometimes not caught by gdb depending on threa
o threa/79683  threads    svctcp_create() fails if multiple threads call at the 
s threa/30464  threads    [patch] pthread mutex attributes -- pshared

20 problems total.

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