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Sun Apr 29 06:49:14 UTC 2012

On 4/28/12 5:44 AM, 'Chris Hall' wrote:
> For my application (a BGP daemon) I think I should be setting all its
> pthreads to PTHREAD_SCOPE_SYSTEM.  (This may be where I am going
> wrong, of course, but bear with me.)
> Third difficulty: if I set PTHREAD_SCOPE_SYSTEM and the default is
> PTHREAD_SCOPE_PROCESS, do I also need to set policy/param ?  If so,
> where do I find suitable default policy/param ?
> (I could copy the policy/param from the main thread... but will that
> be suitable for PTHREAD_SCOPE_SYSTEM ?)

AS far as I know the default is PTHREAD_SCOPE_SYSTEM now.
we no longer support PTHREAD_SCOPE_PROCESS as far as I know.
(I may be confused of course.. it wouldn't be the first time).

We used to have the ability to switch but the complexity was not worth 
the added benefit.

> Fourth difficulty: if I dick about with scope/policy/param, will I
> need special privileges (root, say) ?
> Fifth difficulty: it is clearly easiest to leave this whole thing
> alone and ignore pthread_attr_t altogether.  Is there a way to set
> PTHREAD_SCOPE_SYSTEM as the default for a given application from the
> outside ?
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