Using fbsd-threads.c versus thread-db.c (gdbserver)

John Schumacher schumjs at
Wed Jun 29 17:36:54 UTC 2011

Does anyone understand the differences between freebsd-threads.c and
thread-db.c in FreeBSD?
Linux's gdbserver makes calls to thread-db.c and thread-db.c sits in the
gdbserver folder in the 8.1 FreeBSD distro.
However, I notice that fbsd-threads.c (which sits in
FreeBSD\8.1\builds\8.1\kernel\source\gnu\usr.bin\gdb\libgdb) has similar
Is the thread-db.c sitting in the gdbserver a relic from when it was ported
over, and doesn't work with FreeBSD? Should one use the fbsd-threads.c to
query the kernel for new and existing threads?


John Schumacher
University of Minnesota (TC)
Electrical Engineering

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