AMD64 version of GNAT Ada compiler broken due to libthr

John Marino freebsdml at
Sat Jan 1 08:21:41 UTC 2011

Hi Daniel,
First, thanks for the offer.  I might come back to you on that.
Secondly, I should have mentioned that the majority of my patches are 
GNAT specific, and very few are like this one which might apply to all 
FreeBSD/GCC users.

I have already created 7 new FreeBSD ports that include this "GNAT AUX", 
the GNAT Programming Studio, and the Ada Web Server.  I will work with 
the FreeBSD ports people shortly to get these ports into the tree, and 
also to prune some of the previous GNAT ports, such as gnat-gcc44.  If I 
recall, your port was GNAT GPL, which is a different beast.

Anyway, the FreeBSD/Ada users will have the benefit of my work shortly. 
So maybe we should only focus on non-Ada patches.  I don't have very 
many on those, and the majority are on other BSD systems, not FreeBSD.


Daniel Eischen wrote:
> On Fri, 31 Dec 2010, John Marino wrote:
>> Ah, interesting.  I didn't realize the ramifications of AMD64-only 
>> application of mprotect().  It's easy enough to apply the same macro 
>> to both architectures.
>> As far as pushing it upstream, I've got literally a few dozen patches, 
>> and the majority of them should be contributed back.  I haven't gone 
>> through the absurdly difficult and time-consuming process of assigning 
>> copyright over to the FSF, partly because I reside in France with a 
>> Dutch employer and nobody I work for would sign the legal documents 
>> FSF requests (if I even wanted to share with my employers what I do in 
>> my own time.)
>> I may go through the process some day if we can leave my employers out 
>> of it, but it's not a priority at this moment.  I'm not 
>> philosophically opposed to giving back, although I am dismayed at the 
>> number of offered patches that are never reviewed by the gcc 
>> developers and die on the vine.  If I could find a way to "fast-track" 
>> these patches in where I wouldn't be wasting my time, I'd do it.  It's 
>> a pain to maintain a parallel fork and I'd love to reduce the number 
>> of differences between the code bases.
>> Obviously if you have any ideas that get my FreeBSD work into the gcc 
>> efficiently, I'm all ears.
> I've got FSF paperwork on file, specifically to submit my original
> FreeBSD and VxWorks GNAT ports to AdaCore (which they then upstreamed
> to GCC).  It's been a few years since I submitted the paperwork,
> however, and I'm not sure if they require resubmittal at periodic
> intervals.  It may be possible for you to explain your changes to
> me, without me looking at your original code or changes.

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