threads/136345: Recursive read rwlocks in thread A cause deadlock with write lock in thread B

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On Jul 16, 2009, at 5:48 AM, Attilio Rao wrote:

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>>> Subject: Re: threads/136345: Recursive read rwlocks in thread A  
>>> cause deadlock with write lock in thread B
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>>> Even after the above patch, I still run into occasional MySQL thread
>>> deadlocks, which I originally described in what is now threads/ 
>>> 135673.
>>> I also posted on freebsd-current a few days ago:
>>> I'd be happy to collect whatever data would be helpful in tracking
>>> down this deadlock.  This only seems to happen under our production
>>> workload, so that might make it harder to capture meaningful debug
>>> data, but I'm certainly willing to try.  I can also arrange for
>>> developer access to the system in question, if that would help
>>> significantly.
>> So did you backport this to 7 and still experience deadlocks?
>> I just committed the fix to HEAD not to STABLE branch.
> Ok, I got, you just upgraded.
> Can you try the following things?:
> - Upgrade to the -CURRENT of today
> - Recompile the kernel with the following options:
> - When the deadlock takes place break into DDB and please retrieve the
> following info:
> db> show allpcpu
> db> ps
> db> alltrace
> db> show alllock
> - Save them with a serial console output or using the textdump(4)  
> format.
> (if necessary read the ddb(4) and textdump(4) before to set up the
> whole system).
> This would shade a light if the problem lives within the kernel or  
> not.
> Thanks,
> Attilio
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> Peace can only be achieved by understanding - A. Einstein

I can definitely do the upgrade.

KDB, DDB, SCHED_ULE, and PREEMPTION are already turned on.  I will try  
I first upgraded to 8.0, this server was unable to handle its workload  
with the INVARIANTS and WITNESS options turned on.

Also, it can take a while for it to become clear that the deadlock has  
occurred -- usually our monitoring picks it up when replication falls  
behind.  So it may be 15-20 minutes after the deadlock that I am able  
to run the above db commands.  Of course the thread will still be  
deadlocked.  Hopefully that doesn't reduce the value of the data  



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