With sumptuous effects in conventional decoration. [Illustration: THE SINGING LESSON-

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Fri Aug 28 22:13:39 UTC 2009

Ily, and betrays a strong personality throughout all the designs. The
"Merry Adventures of Robin Hood" and "Otto of the Silver Hand" are two
others of about the same period, and the delightful volume collected
from _Harper's Young People_ for the most part, entitled "Pepper and
Salt," may be placed with them. All the illustrations to these are in
pure line, and have the appearance of being drawn not greatly in excess
of the reproduced size. Of all these books Mr. Howard Pyle is author as
well as illustrator. Of late he has changed his manner in line, showing
at times, especially in "Twilight Land" (Osgood, McIlvaine, 1896), the
influence of Vierge, but even in that book the frontispiece and many
other designs keep to his earlier manner. In "The Garden behind the
Moon" (issued in London by Messrs. Lawrence and Bullen) the chief
drawings are entirely in wash, and yet are singularly decorative in
their effect. The "Story of Jack Bannister's Fortunes" shows the
artist's "colonial" style, "Men of Iron," "A Modern Aladdin," Oliver
Wendell Holmes' "One-Horse Shay," are other fairly recent volumes. His
illustrations have not been confined to his own 

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