libpthread and gdbserver

Julian Elischer julian at
Thu Sep 4 23:43:13 UTC 2008

just saw youe email to freebsd-threads...


But pt_ta_map_lwp2thr() internally calls pt_ta_map_id2thr() in
libthr_db.c so 'pid to tid' conversion is missing.
If FreeBsd intends to keep it this way, I will have to modify gdbserver
to not use 'pid' to find threads as Linux does.
Can someone shed some light on this? Am I mailing the correct
mailing-list with these queries?


you might try directly mailing davidxu or marcel or jhb (all they SHOULD have seen that posting but may not have..

jhb is I think away for a few days.
  but was doing stuff with the debugger quite recently.

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