threads/118646: 'Cannot allocate red zone for initial thread'

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Thu Dec 13 06:04:57 PST 2007

Synopsis: 'Cannot allocate red zone for initial thread'

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You cannot upgrade some some ports between major releases.
The library version numbers have been bumped, so rebuilding some of
the ports will cause some new libraries to be brought in as
dependencies, with old libraries also still being required by any
application or libraries that have not been rebuilt.

You either need to rebuild all your ports (portupgrade -af) or
you need to not rebuild any of your 6.x ports.  Obviously, it
is hard to do the latter and still install new ports, so it has
been recommended that you use the former.  This has been discussed
on the ports mailing lists many times, and has been required for
moving between all FreeBSD major releases.

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