freebsd/ace: Errors when compiling ACE application

Jean-Philippe Daigle jean.daigle at
Wed Dec 20 06:28:10 PST 2006

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> What version of FreeBSD are you using (uname -a) and are you
> sure you properly rebuilt and installed your system so everything
> is in sync (buildworld, buildkernel, installkernel, installworld)?
> Did you rebuild ports/devel/ace so it is in sync with the version
> of FreeBSD that you are using?  It almost looks like you installed
> a port or package of ace that was built for a newer version of
> FreeBSD than you are using (did you downgrade without rebuild
> devel/ace?).
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> DE

Daniel, thanks!

That's exactly what happened (I'm new to FreeBSD). A look at the version
I had installed revealed that I was using the ACE package from FreeBSD
6.2 on 6.1. Downgrading ACE back to the v5.4 package from the correct
version of FreeBSD fixed my compilation problems.


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