freebsd/ace: Errors when compiling ACE application

Daniel Eischen deischen at
Tue Dec 19 07:24:35 PST 2006

On Tue, 19 Dec 2006, Jean-Philippe Daigle wrote:

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>> Subject: Re: freebsd/ace: Errors when compiling ACE application
>> Any reason you aren't using /usr/ports/devel/ace to build it?  Even if
>> there is, you might want to check the patches they apply and see what
>> changes need to be made.
>> -- Brooks
> Hello Brooks,
> I might be misunderstanding your comment, but if I'm not, I need to
> clarify the following: I am not attempting to build the ACE libraries
> themselves; I'm using the ACE package from the ports system.
> Problem is, when you include /usr/local/include/ace/OS_NS_netdb.h
> (installed when you install ACE from ports) in an application, it fails
> to build because the functions "::gethostbyaddr_r", "::gethostbyname_r",
> "::getprotobyname_r", "::getprotobynumber_r", "::getservbyname_r" don't
> appear to be defined anywhere. I was wondering if anyone with experience
> using ACE on FreeBSD had encountered this issue themselves.

This is a problem for the ports maintainer then.  We do have these
functions in /usr/include/netdb.h and in libc.  I'm not sure when
they appeared in FreeBSD, but I see them in -current.  It looks
like they appeared in 6-stable July 17th, 2006, so if you are
using FreeBSD < 6.2 or something from before July 17th, they will
not be found.  The ace port checks for this and should only
apply the _r patch if your version of FreeBSD supports it.

What version of FreeBSD are you using (uname -a) and are you
sure you properly rebuilt and installed your system so everything
is in sync (buildworld, buildkernel, installkernel, installworld)?
Did you rebuild ports/devel/ace so it is in sync with the version
of FreeBSD that you are using?  It almost looks like you installed
a port or package of ace that was built for a newer version of
FreeBSD than you are using (did you downgrade without rebuild


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