Threading arch quetions

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Tue Dec 5 03:29:18 PST 2006

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>Subject: Re: Threading arch quetions
>Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2006 13:57:17 -0800

>We adopted a scheme which would allow us to implement both M:N threads
>and 1:1 threads with compatible libraries that do it each way.
>The hope was that this would allow people to experiment with these.
>and for us to be able to select the best approach.

Thank you for your response.
Can you please name those libs ?

>There are examples where M:N outperforms 1:1 but they are the
>minority, so we will be switching the default library to
>1:1 threads

What is the default library ?

>Note that the kernel support for threads is the same for both models,
>where processes have sub-entities (kernel schedulable entities) called 
>threads, as opposed to in Linux where each thread is a separate process.

This is the point i dont understand at all. As i understood KSE is an N to M 
approach and it is implemented in FBSD. So how 1:1 is supposed to coexist if 
finally everythig is converted to N to M ? does it mean that basically FBSD 
if it wants 1 to 1 always creates 1 KSEG per thread and thus create a 
*simulation* of 1 to 1 approach ?

Thank you again.

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