freebsd-5.4-stable panics (fwd)

Robert Watson rwatson at
Thu Sep 29 13:55:08 PDT 2005

The attached message and debugging information suggests that a thread in 
an incompletely initialized state (td->td_ksegrp == NULL) is being hooked 
up to a process, and that fill_kinfo_thread() is pretty sure this will 
never happen (it assumes that td_ksegrp != NULL).  I've suggested a 
work-around of skipping threads with td_ksegrp == NULL in the calling 
function, but this raises a general question about the invariants of the 
KSE/thread/... code during thread initialization.  Should a thread hooked 
up to a process thread list ever have a td_ksegrp of NULL?  Once a thread 
has a KSE group that is non-NULL, will it ever change such that monitoring 
code needs to worry?  Is kern_proc.c making assumptions that are too 
strong, or do we just have a nasty SMP race here and some locking work is 
needed?  The remainder of the thread can be found on the -hackers list, 
but the key points are:

- Shows up on quad-processor systems running 6.x
- Multi-threaded apps are doing lots of network I/O
- Occurs while running top under high load


Robert N M Watson

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On Thu, 29 Sep 2005, Robert Watson wrote:

> Could you dump the contents of *td and *td->td_proc for me?  I'm quite
> interested to know what the value in td->td_proc->p_state is, among other
> things.  If I could also have you generate a dump of the KSE group
> structures in td->td_proc->p_ksegrps and the threads in
> td->td_proc->p_threads.

I've attached a file with many of the values you have asked for. We
looked at some of the threads referenced by td->td_proc->p_threads, but we
weren't sure we were walking the list correctly. Do you have any tips for
walking those thread lists?

> Could you tell me if the program named by p->p_comm is linked against a
> threading library?  If it's a custom app, you may already know, and if
> not, you can run ldd on the application to see what it is linked against.

The programs named by p->p_comm is linked against the pthreads library.

> Depending on how much time you have available, it might make sense for me
> to grab from you a copy of your source tree, compiled kernel with debug
> symbols, and core dump.

We can upload the source, kernel etc somewhere, but uncompressed that is
about 5G of data. What is the best way to get that to you?


Rob Watt
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