c++ with pthread?

Niall Douglas s_sourceforge at nedprod.com
Mon Nov 7 03:57:44 PST 2005

On 7 Nov 2005 at 8:10, Norbert Koch wrote:

> Hi.
> If you want to have classes with threads, I suggest
> you try the port devel/commoncpp. It is a portable
> c++ library for multi-threading. From my experience
> it works fine.

You could also try a free GUI toolkit. My own, TnFOX 
(http://www.nedprod.com/TnFOX) can be built so that all the GUI stuff 
is left out and you have just the system interface stuff.

FXThreadLocalStorage provides TLS, FXMutex is a highly optimised hand 
written recursive mutex and FXThread provides a high level portable 
thread implementation with cancellation facilities. The documentation 
is at http://tnfox.sourceforge.net/TnFOX/html/

It's all regularly tested on FreeBSD.


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