patch for threads/76690 - critical - fork hang in child for-lc_r

David Xu davidxu at
Thu Mar 3 08:16:10 GMT 2005

Hmm,  libc_r and libpthread handle spinlock differently which malloc
uses  to protect itself, some real world benchmarks are better than this.

David Xu

Andriy Tkachuk wrote:

>But if one wants to use pure user threads
>on his UP system, what he will chose if not libc_r ?
>And i have some test program with shows
>the better results for libc_r than for libpthreads.
>Take a look.
>The program is the 500 threads, each of them allocate
>memory in loop and then free it in another loop.
>Program outputs the time consumed for this two loops.
>See the results.

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