Mono's XSP crashes on browser connection

Tom McLaughlin tmclaugh at
Thu Mar 3 07:04:48 GMT 2005

On Thu, 2005-03-03 at 07:18 +0800, David Xu wrote:
> This is caused by a memory corrupted problem, there was some reports ,
> but current I don't know what caused it, it is worth to disable GC code in
> mono and see if the problem still occurs ?
> David Xu
> Tom McLaughlin wrote:
> >Alright, people can ignore this Mono crash and just look at the mcs one
> >in my other email.  Both XSP and mcs are experiencing the same bug it
> >looks like and the mcs code is much simpler and easier to illustrate.
> >Sorry for the noise.  I'm just trying to bang these out since I've been
> >sitting on them so long.  Thanks.  
> >
> >Tom
> >  
> >

Disabling garbage collection in Mono prevents the crash but after
executing the external process the C# program does not continue on, it
just sits there.  So that isn't a viable option for regular use.

Worse, mono ships with Boehm 6.2.  I linked against 6.4 from ports
(where threading support is not even enabled by default) and Mono is now
failing to compile.  Mono's mcs compiler hangs at the same spot on
-STABLE and -CURRENT.  Once Mono imports a later Boehm, FreeBSD is in
for some serious problems.



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