more than 2k threads with -lpthread or -lthr

Andriy Tkachuk ant at
Fri Jun 17 10:59:05 GMT 2005

On Friday 17 June 2005 00:50, David Xu wrote:
> Here two sysctl also have to tuned to numbers larger than 2000 for
> libthr and libpthread:
> kern.threads.max_groups_per_proc
> kern.threads.max_threads_per_proc

Also i want to note, that i didn't change this sysctls.
Theirs default values are:

kern.threads.max_threads_per_proc: 1500
kern.threads.max_groups_per_proc: 1500

and i make 5000 threads with -lpthread.

The only sysctls i change in order to work with such
number of threads are kern.maxfiles and kern.ipc.maxsockets,
but they are not about threads.

  Andriy Tkachuk.

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