IntlTest hangs on FreeBSD (TestThreadedIntl) (PR#1141)

Mikhail T. mi at
Tue Jun 14 02:48:05 GMT 2005

= This is reproducable on the NetBSD machine by executing the 
= My initial guess is that it seems to be an OS thread scheduler bug.
= The main process spins in a loop without sleeping and frequently locks
= the global mutex while waiting for the other threads to finish. None
= of the other threads get enough time because they are all waiting for
= the global mutex lock from the main process thread when its their
= turn. The main process thread is hoging the global mutex while it's in
= its loop. It's not a deadlock, it's just a type of thread scheduling
= that doesn't happen on other operating systems.

Whether it is a bug or a legal oddity, our threads (CC-ed) people would
love to hear about it...

= Adding a sleep() or a yield statement in the main thread of the test
= allows the test to finish. The fix will be available in ICU 3.4.


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