system scope threads entering STOP state

Ady_Li at Ady_Li at
Mon Jul 25 04:39:36 GMT 2005

Dear all,

I have found this program too, I wrote a backgound server program which=
 create out 14=0D
SYSTEM_SCOPE threads, and fork a child process out in main-thread every=
and waitpid it with NOHUP, but run for sometimes, this program would be in=
 STOP state,=0D
and unkillabled=2E

By the way, This occasion was found often in machines with single CPU,  Our=
 QA  didnot tell me=0D
this question when they run it with few clients=2E But when they launch=
 about 500 client-processes to
 connect to my program in the same machine, my program will be stoped=2E=
 But In a 2-cpu-machine,=0D
this occasion occurs fewly=2E

I found Mr guy helmer has confronted this problem, could u tell me how did=
 u solve it?

Thank in advance for any helps=2E

Best Regards,
Ady Li
[TEL](86)25- 83190788x656

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