[PATCH] Re: GNUstep, libobjc and threading

David Ayers d.ayers at inode.at
Mon Jul 18 05:15:01 GMT 2005

Pascal Hofstee schrieb:
> On Fri, 2005-07-15 at 12:00 -0700, Pascal Hofstee wrote:
> I just realized it may be possible to do the whole _thr_initial dance
> inside the actual _get_curthread() function ... if that turns out to be
> the case .. perhaps that location would be more suitable than this
> 'stopgap'.

FWIW, personally I think your patch is the correct approach.  Putting
the initialization in _get_curthread() may be a 'stopgap' but it may hit
the performance unduly.  In the case of the API functions, I believe the
correctness issue trumps performance issues.

David Ayers

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