[PATCH] Dynamic thread stack size

Daniel Eischen deischen at freebsd.org
Mon Jan 24 16:41:21 PST 2005

On Mon, 24 Jan 2005, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:

> Ah, okay, I suspected that was the case for libc_r, but I wasn't sure if
> the same thing held for all threading libraries.
> What about increasing the default stack sizes as you've said you wanted
> to do, plus leaving in the environment variable to aid in transition
> should the stack size have to be bumped again in the future?  This would

I don't want an environment variable :-)

> also give us an easy way to test for stack overflows without instructing
> users to rebuild their threading library.
> Also, what were your planned stacksize increments?  I was hoping for
> something along the lines of:
> INITIAL (32-bit): 2 MB
> INITIAL (64-bit) 4 MB

I think I was going to make the initial bigger than that (I forgot
what I chose).

> DEFAULT (32-bit): 1 MB
> DEFAULT (64-bit): 2 MB

Yes, I think that's what I was planning for other-than-initial threads.


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