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David Xu davidxu at
Tue Dec 6 02:33:30 PST 2005

Michael Vince wrote:
> Hi All,
> I been benchmarking a Java servlet I have created and I want to be able 
> to handle a massive amount of simultaneous connections.
> So far using benchmarking tools I have been able to get around 2,565 
> threads on the Tomcat 5.5 Java process (with native 1.4.2 Java) 
> according to ps -auxwH | grep -c 'java'
> But I just can't seem to get past that mark, I have a lot of memory 
> currently the Tomcat is allocated 2gigs of memory.
> When I max it out with my benchmarks I get this in catalina Tomcat 5.5 
> but there is still plenty of free memory to the Tomcat process.
> SEVERE: Caught exception (java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: unable to create 
> new native thread) executing org.apache.jk.common.SocketAcceptor at f36e59, 
> terminatingthread
> I have been testing with my libmap.conf with these different types of 
> implementations.
> [/usr/local/jdk1.4.2/]
> I have been getting the best performance with libthr and have been using 
> the above libthr and with these settings below.
> I have set my max_threads in /etc/sysctl.conf to a massive amount.
> kern.threads.max_threads_per_proc=40000
> kern.threads.max_groups_per_proc=40000
> ps -auxwH | grep -c 'java'
> 2565
> I am using Apache2.2 with the new built in AJP module which has been a 
> great addition to Apache 2.2.
> I have been able to get the setup performing most stable (no 503 status 
> errors) but with less performance / threads with the libmap.conf below.
> [/usr/local/jdk1.4.2/]
> I am on 6.0 Release i386, dual Intel P4, generic SMP kernel.
> With Tomcat on Windows XP I have been able to get it running better.
> Does any one know of some other sysctls that increase the amount of 
> threads in libthr which I am assuming utilizes the above sysctls. Does 
> any one know how many threads can be created in Java on FreeBSD?
> Cheers,
> Mike
Number of threads you can create if you use libthr is limited by
following factors:
1) sysctl:

2) stack
per-thread userland stack, default number on 64 bits platform is 2M,
on 32 bits platform, it is 1M. I don't know whether java supports
adjusting default per-thread stack size. if can not, we may add
an environment variable to thread libraries, for example:
LIBPTHREAD_THREAD_STACKSIZE allows user to set default stack size.

Thread also needs a kernel mode stack when it is in kernel, if
I am right, it is 16K bytes per-thread. if you create too many
threads, make sure both side won't exhaust address space, and
because kernel stack can not be swapped out when process is
running, you'd make sure physical memory can not be exhausted.

3) check memory limits
type limits command:

Resource limits (current):
   cputime          infinity secs
   filesize         infinity kB
   datasize           524288 kB
   stacksize           65536 kB
   coredumpsize     infinity kB
   memoryuse        infinity kB
   memorylocked     infinity kB
   maxprocesses         5547
   openfiles           11095
   sbsize           infinity bytes
   vmemoryuse       infinity kB

if address space is not large enough, you have to reconfigure kernel
to allow larger space. Fix me if I am wrong.

David Xu

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