Nick Johnson freebsd at
Fri Aug 12 16:36:23 GMT 2005 was just moved over from 
bin/ (I had to file the PR from my 4.11 box, and send-pr did not recognize 
the "threads" category).

This and other threading bugs are preventing the Java 1.4.2-p7 port from 
running Resin OpenSource 3.0.14 from running correctly with libpthread. 
The current workaround is to map to libc_r for Java.

If there's anything I can do to help facilitate work on these bugs, say 
the word.  I'm willing to donate some funds to the FreeBSD Foundation to 
help pay for some libpthread work if need be, though I won't have cash 
available until mid-September.  I'm certainly willing to give a trusted 
individual access to my machine if this is a problem specific to my 
particular configuration.

If there's a way to get additional thread debugging information or 
alternate flags I should try when compiling libpthread or the kernel, let 
me know and I will do it.

Please contact me on this list, or through my feedback form at, as this address only accepts 
mail from due to the address being flooded by spammers 


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