Bug in kse_switchin()?

Andrew Belashov bel at orel.ru
Mon Sep 27 00:45:12 PDT 2004

Mike Makonnen wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 23, 2004 at 04:17:18PM +0400, Andrew Belashov wrote:
>>Daniel Eischen wrote:
>>>Wouldn't you also see same behavior (bugs) in other things, like
>>>getcontext(), setcontext(), and swapcontext() (kern_context.c)?
>>No. uap structure is not used after set_mcontext().
> So, the attached change to thr_create should work as far as
> libthr is concerned then?
> BTW, have you tried libthr on sparc64, and if so how does it work?

Simple program (Like "Hello, World!") work with libthr.

But Mozilla/Firefox does not work. Firefox will start.
Drop down menus and hot buttons work. Pages don't open.
Process firefox-bin is non-killable (kill -9 has no effect!!!).

With best regards,
Andrew Belashov.

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