Unkillable KSE threaded proc

Julian Elischer julian at elischer.org
Thu Sep 16 21:40:50 PDT 2004

John Baldwin wrote:
> On Thursday 16 September 2004 09:42 am, Andrew Gallatin wrote:
>>Julian Elischer writes:
>> > Andrew, please try -current on ts own now..
>> > I have checked in some fixes that have helped others.
>>OK, preemption off... Still a system lockup, but a little different.
>>The interesting thing here is that continuing and breaking into the
>>debugger repeatedly seems to show that thread 0xc1646af0 is looping in
>>exit.  I've seen him in thread_single, thread_suspend_check, and in
>>exit itself at kern_exit.c:163, etc.  A breakpoint in
>>thread_suspend_one never triggers, so I guess he's holding the proc
>>lock and just looping forever.  A breakpoint in _mtx_assert() shows
>>him asserting the proc lock in thread_suspend_check at kern_thread.c:898.
>>Over and over.
> There is definitely some sort of infinite loop here.  Stripping out the 
> comments in exit1() for that section of code reveals basically:
>         PROC_LOCK(p);
>         if (p->p_flag & P_HADTHREADS) {
> retry:
>                 thread_suspend_check(0);
>                 if (thread_single(SINGLE_EXIT))
>                         goto retry;
> 	}
>         p->p_flag |= P_WEXIT;
>         PROC_UNLOCK(p);
> So it's easy to see how it can stuck in a loop I think.  If thread_single() 
> never drops the lock then other threads that are waiting to die can't 
> actually wait because they can never get the proc lock so that they can die.

hmm intersting..
but this code hasn't changed in ages...

in thread_single we see:

                 mi_switch(SW_VOL, NULL);

so when it sleeps it releases the proc lock.

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