A way to build and install libpthread as 1:1 as well as M:N?

Robert Watson rwatson at freebsd.org
Sun Jul 18 09:32:47 PDT 2004

On Sun, 18 Jul 2004, Daniel Eischen wrote:

> The way to do this so it is switchable without relinking the application
> (and without using libmap.conf) is to use LD_LIBRARY_PATH.  You can
> install libpthread built as 1:1 anywhere you like and just set
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH to wherever it is installed. 
> If you want both 1:1 and M:N versions of libpthread installed by
> default, we have to decide where to install the 1:1 version.  I would
> recommend 1:1 go in lib/lwp/libpthread.so.1 and M:N in
> lib/libpthread.so.1.  You could change "lwp" to "kse"  or something
> else.

The issue here is my keeping everything in sync and making sure testing is
reproduceable.  If I'm manually building and installing threading
libraries, I'm likely to screw it up.  I was hoping for a mechanism in
buildworld/installworld so that it all happens automatically, reducing the
chances of user error, stale library versions, etc.

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