pthread switch (was Odd KSE panic)

Daniel Eischen eischen at
Tue Jul 6 13:48:39 PDT 2004

On Tue, 6 Jul 2004, Andrew Gallatin wrote:

> Daniel Eischen writes:
>  > Note that he is holding the mutex while calling pthread_cond_signal().
>  > If we enable preemption in pthread_cond_signal(), then I suspect it
>  > would be even worse than without preemption.
>  > 
>  > I think the only place where it is sane to enable preemption is
>  > on pthread_mutex_unlock().
> That certainly makes sense to me.  But I don't want to see you
> optimize the threads lib just for my app.   I can always put in an
> #ifdef FreeBSD
> pthread_yield()
> #endif
> But what I'm still wondering is where the ~3x slowdown (20usec linux
> -> ~60usec, libthr) is coming from.  Is this a factor of the context
> switch time and ithreads?

I suspect our kernel is butt-slow compared with Linux in general.
Mysql under native linux is similarly faster.

> I need to move the driver to a fast interrupt and I need to test
> SCHED_BSD as well.  I should probably cvs update to get jhb's
> scheduling changes.

Dan Eischen

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