odd KSE panic

David Xu davidxu at freebsd.org
Fri Jul 2 15:41:50 PDT 2004

What scheduler are you using ? can you switch to another
scheduler to see if the problem is still there ?

David Xu

Andrew Gallatin wrote:

>I've got a character device which is used for OS-bypass NIC, and I've
>got a problem.. 
>We just started using a second thread in our userland library.  The
>idea is this worker thread ioctls into the driver, where he sleeps
>waiting for an interrupt from the NIC.  When he gets the interrupt,
>he wakes up and returns from the ioctl, where he will process some
>recently completed events.
>The problem happens when exiting.  When main application thread
>decides to exit, it does an ioctl into the driver to wakeup the
>sleeping worker thread.  The worker thread thread wakes up, and then
>exits, then the main thread closes his file descriptor and exits.

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