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Sat Aug 21 15:30:29 PDT 2004

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On Friday 20 August 2004 10:52 pm, Brian Rogers wrote:
> Anish Mistry wrote:
> >I've managed to get the post May versions on wine to be able to mmap their
> > memory properly by patching our mmap implementation (see current mailling
> > list)
> Great!
> >but I'm having the following problem that I can't figure out:
> >
> >Fatal error 'Uninitialized mutex in pthread_mutex_trylock_basic' at line
> > 474 in file /usr/src/lib/libpthread/thread/thr_mutex.c (errno = 0)
> Wine doesn't like being linked to libpthread, and that happens through
> and the libraries that use OpenGL.  To deal with OpenGL,
> I mapped libpthread to libc (not libc_r, wine doesn't like that either)
> for, effectively canceling it out.  You can avoid
> by disabling sound in the wine config or switching to a
> different audio driver.
Ok, using libmap seemed to work here on CURRENT.
> Alternatively, you can just use wine-pthread.  It actually works, and it
> doesn't have a problem with libpthread.  You just have to "cd loader &&
> gmake wine-pthread" to build it.
Wasn't able to make this work CURRENT, but works on 4-STABLE.  I kept getting:
Fatal error 'can not create signal daemon thread!
' at line 238 in file /usr/src/lib/libpthread/thread/thr_sig.c (errno = 12)

I'm now getting this only on some apps (others work fine), which looks to be 
more mmap issues or something in wine.
err:virtual:map_image Image was mapped at 0x4c0000: standard load address for 
a Win32 program (0x00400000) not available
err:virtual:map_image Do you have exec-shield or prelink active?

Thanks, I think I'll be able to make some changes to get this stuff working.

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Anish Mistry
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