Pthread patches for TLS

David Xu davidxu at
Thu Aug 5 07:45:16 PDT 2004

This patch does not work for statically linked binary even if the binary 
not use __thread, I think you still need to use malloc to allocate memory
for tcb if it is being compiled as a static library.
I have tested it on AMD64, dynamically linked binary works fine.

David Xu

Doug Rabson wrote:

>This is the current state of my patches to add TLS support to libpthread 
>and libthr. I have added code for i386, amd64 and ia64 but I've only 
>tested i386. I believe the code for amd64 is right. I don't much like 
>what I've done to the ia64 version though. I would like to commit only 
>the i386 version at this stage. The amd64 code could be committed if 
>someone tests it.

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